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Software Development

We concept and build web applications of any scale. We are profound in any major technology and can combine everything to whatever is necessary. We love innovative products and like to keep the codebase small and clean.

Software Architecture

The building block of the global web are servers. Each software requires different tools and services to work. We are specialists in generating a stack that works best for you.

Software Maintenance

Whatever it is you have running. We can take care of it. We can also have a look at the quality and suggest improvements, if you wish so.

Software Audits

To ensure high safety standards, it is necessary to audit software and test its ability to withstand attacks. We can do that for you and generate a detailed report including a list of things to improve or add.

Training & Consulting

We are specialized in working with teams from 1 to 200. We do not care if you are a startup or an international enterprise company - we can give you a individualized training for your development team.

Certified by german officials Handelskammer Hamburg

We call you partner, not client

In order to be of best use for you, we expect you to have a dialogue with us. It is important, that we understand your requirements and needs as well as your strategic direction. We are not a fulfillment center - we see us as partners in generating assets for you. We strive to have the highest standards. We keep our promises.

Most of our clients like the fact, that they can present us with an idea of what they want to achieve and we do the rest. We create anything between a detailed concept for your next product and a small workshop that identifies what is really needed. We then help and support in converting that idea into reality. If you have a development team on your own, we guide them through the project or develop everything on its own - it's up to you.

Open source as a focus

proud member of open source business foundation

Developing software is a tough business. There is so much complexity involved. Building everything on your own means requiring to re-invent the wheel. Always. Simply put, this is a waste of time and money. Using open source software for components and libraries is therefore a good idea. But brü GmbH is not only using open source, but doing open source.

brü GmbH is a member of the open source business foundation, a group of companies who are actively using and contributing to open source projects. Our focus is to build software that can be re-used. That also means, when you start working with us you automatically benefit from all the years of development before you even knew us. Sounds like a good thing? Get in touch.

Working with brü GmbH is pure joy. I like how Dirk Brünsicke is able to grasp my visions and transform them into living technology that just works.

Maik Ploigt

Whatever our idea was - Dirk Brünsicke helped us to ask the right questions and find the right answers. He is very experienced and shares his knowledge. Very smart and professional.

Christian Jansen

Dirk Brünsicke is really a smart guy. He knows how to use existing technology to its fullest potential and how to spice it up with something innovative. Working with him is always a pleasure.

Andy Adiwidjaja

Get in touch. You will be happy.


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